dimanche 3 janvier 2010

Anthony B supporte Buju Banton

Le premier artiste yardie qui supporte Buju Banton dans son épreuve est Anthony B. Celui-ci déclare : "Buju a mi artiste, a mi icon. Buju is a trendsetter for the new generation of artistes. We always pray for the best and hope for the best. We need to keep the support level high. We have to keep a close eye," .

Nouveau tune sur le crunk riddim (Trackback records), Anthony B l'a joué lors du Sting. Le public a visiblement apprécié ce soutien.

"We a campaign fi dem free up di man,
Freedom fi Buju Banton, from yuh love the deejay start push up unuh hand,
Free up the general, life can't sweet when yuh lock up inna federal,
Free up the general, mek him get fi wash him locks down a di mineral

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